Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I am writing.

I have found my muse -- that little devil. My characters are speaking, the story is flowing, and life is good. Yee-haw. :)


Shawn said...

Glad one of us is! Hope you're having a great day. :D

Trish Milburn said...


Anonymous said...

Yay for you, Kelly!! My muse has run away in disgust because I've been having to concentrate on cleaning the house and packing boxes this week -- she kept throwing ideas at me for a book she wants me to write (hello! I've still got one to finish first before I start another one!!), but after being soundly ignored, she has given up and gone on vacation.

I'm hoping to coax her back once things settle down (IF they settle down!) with some good wine and maybe some chocolate-covered strawberries. *grin*


K. said...
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K. said...

Bummer about the cleaning and packing, Jennifer.

I'll have to keep the chocolate and wine in mind for the next time I need to lure the Muse back! :)