Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ghosts Anyone?

I watched that ghost invesitgation show, TAPPS, on Sci-fi last night. Interesting program.

I thought I saw the ghost of a young girl before, peering down at me by the side of my bed as I slept (very close to my face) - at which time, I shot out of the bed and flailed around for the light. Was this a sighting? I can't say b/c it may have been some sort of 'waking' dream.

So, my question this morning: Has anyone here ever experienced their own ghostly encounter?


Anonymous said...

No ghostly sightings for me -- at least I don't think so. There have been several times in my life though, when I've scared myself silly. Sometimes it isn't very fun having a vivid imagination, you know? The first time I went to New York City (ages and ages ago -- I think I was 10) we stayed at the Plaza Hotel. Very nice lobby back then, but the rooms were a bit shabby and old feeling. Anyway, I came out of the bathroom during my first 'inspection' of the room, and thought I had come face to face with a ghost! Only, it was just my refelction in a mirror I hadn't noticed before. *sheepish grin* My older sister, who was in the room with me, has never let me forget how loudly I screamed at myself that day.


K. said...

I know, Jennifer! I scare myself silly on a regular basis. :) Especially when the Hub is out of town. One time he came home early without telling me, and as I walked out of the bedroom, he was standing there in the hallway - I lost it. He scared me so bad that I started crying! Let's just say he'll never 'surprise' me again...


Anonymous said...

By the way, Kelly . . . after reading your entry from yesterday, I decided that I needed to pick up my copy of Elphame's Choice (signed by PC Cast herself!). I'm just barely into it, but I'm really loving it so far! Thanks for inadvertently pushing me to pick this one up, Kelly. :)


Trish Milburn said...

I don't know about ghosts, but there have been a couple of moments where I at least felt something a little otherworldly was happening. Once, I was home sick from work and asleep on the couch. Then I felt like someone else was in the room with me but I couldn't move or open my eyes, no matter how hard I tried. I was freaked when I finally woke up. It really didn't feel like a dream. The other was last year after my MIL died. A lot of the family was still at the house after the memorial service. I was sitting in the living room and out of the corner or my eye I could have sworn I saw her walk through her bedroom, which I could see into by turning my head.