Monday, August 15, 2005

Writing is only part of the equation

There comes a point in your writing endeavors where the actual writing becomes just part of the writer's life. There's promotion, networking, and business related duties, such as bookeeping. Today's the last day to file with our extension, so we're doing the mad dash to get things filed out and in the mail. If you are actively pursuing a career in writing, and fit the criteria to deduct expenses, it's in your best interest to keep a record. It's never too late to start, whether it be a spreadsheet on your PC or jotted down in a ledger. And don't forget to keep those receipts!

There also comes a time where you must delegate part of your day/week/month to these other duties, which inevitably cuts into writing time. If you're like me, you can lose yourself in hours and hours of web surfing, anything from promotional stuff, to networking on line with writer friends - or which many of us like to call, "research". I need structure here in a bad way, so my goal this week to to come up with a schedule that allows me my writing time as well as a certain amount of web time. I've heard a 'timer' works well for this. What do you do to help structure your writing time?

Writing Progress: zilch. Hoping to write today, after we cruch numbers...


Trish Milburn said...

The Web is a powerful magnet, especially since so many of my friends are blogging. :) But I do try to use it as a reward system. Like today, I allowed myself 30 minutes of e-mail/Web time first thing this morning while I woke up. Then I had to write 1,000 words before I could check again, then I was able to check e-mail and read 2 blogs and throw in the laundry, then I had to write 500 more words, then...well, you get the picture. It seems to work because I get my Web time and I've written 14 pages so far today. Yay!

K. said...

14 pages! Way to go, Trish! Tomorrow I'm going to try to NOT turn on my computer in the morning until after my word count is done. Seems like whenever I turn it on, I have to check email, my favorite blogs, and other stuff until two hours have past before I even realize it. I have no will power at all. It's sad. :)