Thursday, September 29, 2005

A WEIRD night event

I really don't know why these things happen to me, but late last night - I'm talking the dead of night, the witching hour, prime-time for weird occurences - I'm out cold, and a freaking balloon bursts in my bedroom. A balloon! A big one, too. Talk about major panic, confusion... My heart was pounding so fast I could hardly catch my breath. I didn't know what was going on. Gunshot. Someone breaking the window. And, of course, the Hub is out of town, so it was just me and my daughter.

Anyway, after I mustered the courage to get out of the bed, grabbing the iron from the ironing board in my room (b/c I never put it away :D), I crept with my weapon through the house checking to see what the hell had happened. Couldn't find anything amiss, and then when I went back into the bedroom I saw the skin of the balloon in the middle of the floor - ah, the culprit, I deduced.

Strange thing about it was that the balloon (one of many my daughter had blown up and tied a few days ago) had no reason to pop. It wasn't helium, so it didn't rise to ceiling and hit something. There was no air movement in the room, so it couldn't have drifted around and bumped something. The bedroom door was closed, meaning the cats were not in the room, so they couldn't have done it.

Needless to say, it took me a while to get back to sleep.

Never one to let an experience I can use go to waste, I'm going to present this to the Hub as yet another reason (among many) to get a puppy - one that will grow into a big, strong guard dog - something a bit more intimidating than an iron! Did I mention I want a dog? :D

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Return from the Land of Sickness

Thank God that's over with!

Things to report:

The Hub is in Korea, and I miss him. Waah. Maybe he'll bring me back something shiny and pretty - I love me some sparklies... :)

And, in typical do-it-yourself style, got my hair stuck down the bathtub drain while rinsing out dye (didn't realize how long it had gotten - well, that's my excuse - but it was probably more like I wasn't paying attention). Lots of tugging, cursing, yelling for the child to bring scissors, which didn't work b/c she was downstairs watching toons and couldn't hear me. Finally managed to get it free. Then cut a good two inches off the length b/c it looked a tad traumatized by being stuck down the gooey drain. Bleh.

So, how's everyone else been? Do tell.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


The child is sick. I am sick...and I'm a basket case this week.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


A couple folks have asked me about or mentioned Hurricane Ophelia, which is churning along the coast of my state, and looks to be making landfall near Wilmington and Southport, then is forecasted to go up the coastline, and then out into the Atlantic. As of this morning, it's hot, windy and very dark outside. It looks like we'll get some rain and wind, but thankfully nothing major. :)

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sherrilyn Kenyon's Post

I just finished reading Sherrilyn's Kenyon's post concerning Katrina. As many of you probably know, I'm a huge SK fan. Her Dark-Hunter series is set mostly in New Orleans. She talks about the impact on her personally (she lived in Mississippi and NOLA for many years), as well as the impact on the series and her DH convention. As always she is eloquent and inspiring...

Also, there's a really cool site called Do Something, which is organizing "We Got Your Back" donations. It's a great way for kids to help other kids affected by Katrina. They buy backpacks and fill them with school supplies and other personal items. It's a large campaign, sponsored by Nickelodeon and many others. It's yet another wonderful way to contribute.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Incidentals and typical embarrassing stuff...

I'm hooked on fiery hot Pringles right now. Man, they're tasty... (And while i'm hooked on these, I've been drinking this weight loss shake to shed some pounds. Go figure.)

Well, Audrey is on her fourth day of Kindergarten. She LOVES it. I even have to remind her for a quick hug and kiss; she sees that bus coming and it's so long Mommy, hello new world!

I had a schedule all worked out, but hell no. I've been wandering around the house, doing a little bit of this, a little bit of that. Yesterday was better. I actually got 13 pages done. Nowhere near my daily wad - 20 pages per day, which is what I did on my last book.

Yesterday's embarrassing tidbits:

The landscaping guy came to do some work. His named is Clint. I called him Clit. I may park the car around the corner and pretend I'm not home today when he comes back...

And then I flashed my butt crack to the neighbors -- brand new neighbors across the street. How was I to know they'd be sitting on their front porch while I decided to pull some weeds from the front flower bed? The old neighbors never sat on the front porch. My little peek-a-boo act was only b/c all my clothes were dirty and I wore a pair of low rider jeans a size too big, and was talking on the phone while bending over and not really paying attention to the nice breeze on my backside. If the houses were level, I don't think they would've seen a thing, but their side sits higher than my side -- I'm sure they had a fantastic view.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Fate of New Orleans Landmarks

I'm sure most of you have been watching the news for days as I have. It's just a horrible situation, and my heart goes out to all those in the Gulf Coast area.

I love New Orleans - it's culture, history and architecture. It's mystery, and the setting it's become for so many wonderful novels and stories. While watching the news, I've wondered how some of NOLA's famous landmarks (especially the literary landmarks/settings) have fared through all this turmoil, and this is what I've heard from news reports on TV and online:

The French Quarter (including Bourbon Street,Pat O'Brien's, Jean Laffite's Blacksmith Shop, Cafe du Monde): These places have escaped flooding and are still standing.

The Garden District (including Anne Rice's former home on Prytania and setting for the Witching Hour and Vampire books): Several trees are down or splintered by high winds in the district. Some structural damage to properties, again because of high winds.

St. Louis Cathedral: Still standing.

If any more info becomes available, I'll post it here on my blog.