Saturday, October 29, 2005


I should call every post by that title. Heh. So, in the spirit of the word, I have re-designed my website. Okay so maybe it's a little procrastination, and a little necessity. It really needed an updated, cleaner, smoother look. That, and I like red. A lot. I did three pages so far, so if anyone has a moment, please stop by and take a gander. Let me know what you think, or if any pics or what-not didn't turn out right.

Off to a Halloween partay tonight. Woo-hoo. :D

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Come Tuesday, I'm getting back on the writing-wagon bigtime. (Monday I have a dentist appt. -- ugh!, and the child is home from school for a teacher workday.)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Part Two & Think You Know Potter? Think Again.

Question # 2 - Do you believe in the reincarnation of the soul? Thoughts?

I just read Kelley Armstrong's book, Haunted. The heroine is a ghost, and much of the story takes place in the Afterlife - very interesting, and what an imagination! She's created this entire world, one that can support the whole book, but also one that is able to interplay with our world as we know it.

Okay, on to Harry Potter... I thought I knew a good bit of facts, but, man, I totally bombed with these HP quizzes from Fun (I did great on the 'easy' ones, though :D)

Saturday, October 22, 2005

What Do You Believe?

In the name of reasearch for the book I'm working on right now, today kicks off a brand new segment entitled, "What Do You Believe?" In the next few days, I'll be asking one question (a loaded one, so please feel free to elabortae on your answers!), which focuses on, more-or-less, the supernatural. :) First up:

Do you believe in life after death? And if so, what kind of 'life' is it?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Late Tag

Trish tagged me days ago, and I forgot to post my answers. Shame on me! :D Anyway here's the tag:

1) Delve into your blog archive.

2) Find your 23rd Post (or closest to it).

3) Find the fifth sentence (or the closest to it).

4) Post the text of the sentence in your blog. Ponder it for meaning, subtextor hidden agendas.

'This led to my fascination of all things mythological as well as human nature.' The 23rd post, fifth sentence happens to be part of my very first blog post, and explains a little about what motivated me to write, and what inspires me still today. Mythology is a big part of that. Love it. I have a library full of books on myths from nearly every early civilization on the planet. What really interests me is the common themes among them, and how, despite the outlandish tales, the bare bones of these myths are always about human nature; the mistakes made, the emotions that rule us - love, hate, greed, jealousy, ambition, self fulfillment...

5) Tag three people to do the same.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Will Power

I have none. :D

It's a train wreck. Dieting, writing, posting, cleaning the house... These last two weeks have been horrible! I can't seem to get anything accomplished. But, I did go to my daughter's first kindergarten field trip. Imagine 120 five-year-olds in a two acre corn maze. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. But it wasn't. I chaperoned Audrey and three of her classmates. We did the maze, rode on the hay ride and picked out pumpkins.

The Hub is out of town this week (again).

I'm trying to cook more. Bleh.

And my house is finally finished being painted! Woo-hoo! It's now a beautiful slate gray-ish green with white trim and black shutters and doors -- looks very colonial/classy. Far better that the coral doors and light tan (which looked pink to me).

And, lastly, I'm going on a new diet -- right after I finish the chocolate cookies I baked yesterday. :) All the other junk food is already gone. Hmm, wonder where it went... Anyone else dieting or going to? I'm going low carb b/c that seems to be the only thing that has worked for me in the past.

Friday, October 14, 2005

What have you done with my husband?

And thus, I asked my man that very question this morning. He was not acting his usual self, rather he was playful, wrote me an "I Love You" note, and taped it to my PC, and *gasp*, here it comes people, brace yourselves -- he made me coffee this morning. Our relationship is now complete. :D You see, he hates the smell of coffee and for many months now I've been trying to get him to make me a pot since he gets up before I do. I mean how wonderful is it to wake up to coffee already made? Heaven, I tell you. Heaven. And why don't I just get an automatic one? Hmm, good question, but it tasted so much better when he made it. :)

Persistence. Patience. Two things, I ponder (as I sip my delicious coffee), I possess in abundance.

The puppy, too, shall be mine! Bwah, bwah, bwahahaha.....

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Devil in Me

Every year I dress up for Halloween. I LOVE this holiday -- by far my favorite. Last year, I was a witch with green and black striped stockings, black wig and giant black hat. (If I can ever figure out the picture thing, I'll put one up). This year I'm going to be a devil. Hee. Got my red glitter horns (or hornays as Simi would say :D) and red glitter trident. Now, I'm on the hunt for a red outfit...

"Surface" was very good last night -- I'm totally hooked on that show now. It's like a fictional National Geographic special, or something.

And here's a little peek into the mind of a five-year-old:

My daughter said she dreamed about God the other night, that he said he loved her and then gave her a gift card to Target...

Friday, October 07, 2005

Beautiful Rain

Anyone see Nightstalker last night? Pretty creepy...

For all the writer's out there - are you ever gripped with this sudden panic that you can't write, that you totally suck at it, and you've been deluding yourself this whole time? Well, that would be me this week. :D

It's raining here, very dark and dreary - my kind of day. Puts me in the mood to write, but since I don't know how (see paragraph above), I'm not going to. Heh. But, I will say this - my cat runs on the treadmill. It's damn funny.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Writing Update

Originally, my blog was supposed to focus on writing. Ha! Not so, apparently. But, here's what's been happening lately:

I've entered the Golden Heart again with two manuscripts I haven't entered before (paranormal and novel with romantic elements). I'm also entering the book I finaled with last year, but I've done some re-working and am entering it in a different category this time. Of course, I would LOVE to sell before then. I'm trying to have a good outlook, but man it's hard sometimes.

Monday, October 03, 2005


I'm really liking 'Gray's Anatomy'. Last year got me hooked, and this season seems like it will be even better.

Two new TV shows that look promising:

'Nightstalker' - Stuart Townsend is a HOTTIE, people! :D The show is X-files meets journalism. The first show with the rabid wolves or coyotes was so-so, but the mystery behind how Carl's (Stuart T.) wife died and all the other deaths could turn out to be interesting, and I like how the episode ended with him having the mark on his wrist, the same mark as the others who had died -- I want to know I'll be tuning in this week.

'Surface' - okay, so I have a thing for monster movies, ala' Godzilla, and this is like the television equivalent, only updated. The monster is cool-looking, and I like the characters.


'The Great Puppy War' update:

The enemy shot me down cold yesterday, but I counter-attacked with puppy desktop pics, and a new puppy calendar sure to draw attention. My strategy is to lure the enemy slowly chip away at his resolve. :D