Monday, October 03, 2005


I'm really liking 'Gray's Anatomy'. Last year got me hooked, and this season seems like it will be even better.

Two new TV shows that look promising:

'Nightstalker' - Stuart Townsend is a HOTTIE, people! :D The show is X-files meets journalism. The first show with the rabid wolves or coyotes was so-so, but the mystery behind how Carl's (Stuart T.) wife died and all the other deaths could turn out to be interesting, and I like how the episode ended with him having the mark on his wrist, the same mark as the others who had died -- I want to know I'll be tuning in this week.

'Surface' - okay, so I have a thing for monster movies, ala' Godzilla, and this is like the television equivalent, only updated. The monster is cool-looking, and I like the characters.


'The Great Puppy War' update:

The enemy shot me down cold yesterday, but I counter-attacked with puppy desktop pics, and a new puppy calendar sure to draw attention. My strategy is to lure the enemy slowly chip away at his resolve. :D


Shawn said...

You may have lost the primary battle but the war wages on! Good luck with the great puppy War!

Anonymous said...

You know what always worked with my dad? Just get the puppy, don't say anything, and then release the wiggling, squirming, adorable beast onto the enemy!! It NEVER failed!!! It got hard for my dad to say NO while he was rolling on the floor with the puppy. Seriously, I can remember at least 3 times when this worked on him. *grin*

By the way, I've been watching Surface, too (ooops! Was it on tonight??) and I like it even though I'm NOT a creature feature kind of person and the open waters terrify me. I just got hooked into it somehow.

Jennifer, whose move got delayed one day . . .

K. said...

Surface was on last night (Mon.) on NBC. Yeah, I'm definitely hooked on it now...

Hope your move goes well, Jennifer. It won't be too long before you'll be moving again, into your new house right?

I WISH I could just bring the puppy home, but the one I want is a lot of money and we have to be in agreement before I dip deep into the bank account. If I can figure out how to post pics, I'll put up one of the little guy I want...