Thursday, December 15, 2005


HATE it. You see, there is clutter in my living room - furniture, clothes, pretty much everything that was in my daughter's room. Don't ask me why I decided to paint her room ten days before Christmas. Insanity. Pure insanity. But, I'm happy to say, the paint is now dry (a beautiful smoky lavender color with white on the crown molding and doors). Her furniture is a dark maple color, her bed is a sleigh bed. I bought a quilt with lavender, dark purple, white, and sage green accents. It's so pretty. I want to live in there. The clutter, however, stares at me from my open office door, like some King Kong-sized pile of doo-doo. *sigh*

On the writing front, I've decided to write long-hand in a notebook. For some reason (the insanity thing again), I can't seem to write in my office (blogging and emails aside). I've gone from room to room with my laptop with some success, but now that's not working. So, thus the notebook. I plot all my books in notebooks, but I've never written a complete ms in this manner. I'm sure it depends on the size of your handwriting, but I've always wondered about authors who write their books long-hand and how many notebooks/pages they fill up for one book. I believe Gena Showalter (one of my favorite authors - if you haven't read her books, you need to!), writes her books this way. I may try it. :) I think it'll be a nice change for me. The last four books have all been done on the computer. Anyone else write long-hand?


Shawn said...

King Kong-sized pile of doo-doo. Rrrrrrrrrrrrolfmao!

When I first started writing romance way back in my high school days, I wrote in notebooks. I do now once and while but not as often.

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

There used to be a time when that was the ONLY way I could write! I wrote the first draft in notebooks and then typed it all in. Very time-consuming and usually wound up using about 4/5 spiral notebooks - I think 120 pages.

But now, typing is the way for novels.

I brainstorm, take notes etc on paper but the actual writing is on screen. Except, sometimes with short stories I can write the whole thing in a notebook.

It's strange.

But very cool topic, Kelly!


K. said...

You know, I've been hearing a lot lately about the Alpha Smart (it's a portable keyboard with small screen. It's got memory to hold an entire book, and then you just plug it into your PC and download.) Anyone have one? I looked at their website, but, man, they're too expensive for me.

Of course, I don't think my problem is the method of writing --it's all in my head! :)

Good news is the clutter is almost gone. Still have a full size mattress and box spring propped against the wall in my living room, though. My two cats think it's fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes write longhand, especially if I'm stumped and just can't seem to get a scene going -- it usually gets seriously edited when I put it into the computer. I've heard lots of great things about the Alphasmart, too, but haven't gotten one yet. They're supposed to be nearly indestructible, which is a nice feature when you've got little ones. :) I know someone who bought one off of E-bay . . . I'll have to check with her to see how she's liking it.

As for the clutter thing, I've got one solution for you: move. LOL Seriously! That's how I got rid of most of MY clutter. And although I painted one wall in my office a very bright, sunshine yellow (yellow's a color that's supposed to promote creativity), I don't think I'll be doing much actual writing in my office. I've got my little antique desk in the den and it seems to feel better to me, at least creatively speaking. Of course, this could all change once I get my office finished.


Yolanda Sfetsos said...


I've heard of the Alphasmart too! It does sound good but I agree, the price is just too much to even consider.

Hey Jennifer, how you doing?