Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Let's Talk About Jill Monroe

So her book, Never Naughty Enough, finally came the other day. Jill sometimes posts here and on the blogs of some of my friends, and she seems like an all-around great lady. So I was really looking forward to reading this book.

Oh. My. God.

You guys are going to love it! Annabelle and Wagner are wonderful characters. Annabelle has worked for Wagner for four years, and has loved him nearly as long, but he never notices her and she hasn't tried to make him...that is until she's hypnotized at a party, hypnotized to be more 'daring' and a host of other things that are so funny, you'll be smiling silly throughout the story. Though we know Annabelle has always had it in her to be this way, the hypnosis gives her that little push to start doing things to make Wagner, a former corporate raider now in business for himself, take notice -- and boy does he ever!

What I loved most about this story is that it was so real. It reminded me of what it was like to fall hard for my Hub, and all the wild and crazy things one does when one finds true love. :) And Wagner's reactions and thoughts are so true and typical of a man. Annabelle completely throws him off balance, and it's so fun to watch. I started it about 11pm last night and finished it a little before 2am. And I know I'm not great at writing 'reviews' -- but trust me, you guys will love this book.

Great job, Jill! Can't wait to read your next one. :)


Shawn said...

Great review Kelly! I love books like this!

Shawn said...

Thanks again for the recommendation Kelly. I just ordered it. :D

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, that sounds like MY kind of book, Kelly!! I'm going to a book signing tomorrow so will pick this one up (or harangue them if they don't have it -- then order it.*grin*).

K. said...

You guys won't be disappointed. :)

Jill Monroe said...

I've tried to post here before - but my ISP always tanked.


let's see if that works