Saturday, March 04, 2006

Woad Wage

K - so that was my Elmer Fudd impersonation. :D

I never toot the horn at people, and never flip folks off even if they deserve it, but I had a moment yesterday *sigh*. In a right hand turn lane, where you are allowed to turn if no one is coming, this woman just sat there. I was in a huge rush to make it to the bank on time, and she just wasn't going. So, horror-of-horrors, I tooted the horn at her. When she looked in her rear-view mirror, I made a little pointing jesture for her to turn. 'Course there were two other lanes of stopped vehicles next to us and everyone looked at me. Well, you guessed it! Chalked this up to another Kelly Moment. You see, sometime during the week, the road construction guys had re-assigned the lanes. It wasn't only a right hand turn lane for it also went straight. In my defense I couldn't see the straight arrow 'cause her car was on top of it. When I realized, I felt like an ass. And I'm sure all the other cars around me thought so too! Hmm, now I know why she jestured back to me a few times, lol!

Then, I come home and end up setting off every smoke alarm in my house. And how you might asked -- trying to make frozen chicken fingers! My oven hates me. :(


Shawn said...

I don't know how to drive, so I don't know much about road rage. But ovens on the other hand. Mine hates me as well. So does my stove. I don't understand why so many buttons are needed when all I want to do is turn the thing on. :/

Anonymous said...

Awww, poor Kelly! I guess y'all don't have Right turns legal on Red there, huh? We do, unless posted otherwise, so every right turn lane you can either go straight or right (unless, of course, it's a double turn lane, then you can only turn right!). And I get road rage quite a bit out here in Houston, especially if I've been forced to actually get on a highway . . . you just go with the flow around here, even if it's 80 MPH!


James Anderson said...

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