Friday, February 29, 2008

The Details. . .

So, some of you asked me how the whole agent thing went down, and since I find it interesting to read other writer's experiences, I thought it would be fun to share mine.

After learning there was a new agent at FinePrint, and her specialty was sci-fi/fantasy/paranormal, I sent off an email query. The next day, via email, Colleen Lindsay requested the full manuscript. Of course, I had to read my entire ms once again, which had become something of a nervous ritual each time I'd receive a request from someone. Basically, it was my way of reassuring myself that it didn't totally suck, which, oddly enough, never really worked. (That ole writer's insecurity thing.) I sent Colleen the full ms, and three days later she emailed me wanting to talk possible representation.


During this time, I did additional research on FinePrint, and found them to be a qualified and successful agency. My two cents here: as writers, we have to be in-the-know when it comes to our career, and signing with an agency is a big part of the process. Make sure to do your homework before you even query, and, for some reason, if you find the agent offering representation is not on the up-and-up, don't be afraid to say no. Everything inside of you may be screaming yes, this is your dream after all, but you run the risk of losing time and/or money.

And, if you find an agency is legit, but you have a few questions or concerns, just ask them. This is your career; you need to know what you're getting into. The ones who don't mind answering questions and understanding what an important decision this is for you, are the keepers.

More later -- got a sudden and very serious diaper situation to deal with . . .


Sushi said...

Full ms straightaway, nice. :) That must have been a hell of a query. I went the query->partial->ms route, but I've always had a nightmare of a time with queries. I think the one I sent Colleen was something like the fifteenth draft.

Oh, and, um, hi! I'm on the roster, too. :) Colleen's going to announce it formally in a few days. (I'm keeping it quiet-ish, especially on my blog, so she can make the first post.)

K. said...
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K. said...

YAY!! Congrats, S.E.! I went to your website and your series sounds awesome -- it's no wonder Colleen snapped you up. :) Keep me posted. There's an email contact on my website if you ever want to talk.

Anonymous said...

Well, a huge congrats to YOU! It's moments like that you will never forget. I still remember my agent call, which was followed by the editor call shortly after, and I get weepy.

Funny though, the agent signed me for my paranormal and it was the historical she sold first. But the paranormal has finally made it to bookstores, so there is no complaining.

Diaper, huh? I've got my share of those to change lately, too. Speaking of which, the little one's nap is running suspiciously long ... think I'll go check in on him.

Again, I'm THRILLED for you, Kelly!


K. said...

Thanks, Sharie!! So glad to see you here!!