Monday, March 17, 2008

Bad ideas

1. Trying to hold a baby and feed a bottle with one hand while eating soup with the other.

2. Eating yogurt and then five minutes later having a beer.

3. Backing your big ole SUV into the back of a cop car. In the parking lot of the police station


Emma Petersen said...

LMAO. Are any of these things you did or have done. Hehe.

K. said...

Oh yes. Unfortunately, I lay claim to all those bad ideas. My little fender-bender left a perfect black imprint of my bumper on the back of the officer's white patrol car. It was parked in a spot and no one saw me, but being the good citizen that I am :), I went inside the station, walked up to the counter and said, "Um, I just hit one of your patrol cars. . ." OMG. So embarrassing. There must have been five officers all sitting around talking when I walked up. They looked at me like I was nuts. And they all recognize me now.

clindsay said...

Oh, dear.

Sushi said...

Oh, dear. The first two are good, and I can totally agree with the yoghurt and beer, but that third one is pretty spectacular. What did the cops do after they stopped staring?

K. said...

They all walked out to the parking lot with me to see whose car I had hit. The officer who was assigned to the car drove into the parking lot when we were all standing around looking at the dmamage. All the other guys were nice and were joking around, but he didn't seem too happy about it. :) Anyway, I gave them my insurance info and was out of there in tne minutes or so.

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