Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I need a nap

Or, better yet, a happy pill.

. . . or maybe an optimism pill with a large dose of perseverance.

Yeah, it's one of those days. The kind of day where you feel like you're running around in circles, like Murphy's Law cycles through your life like clockwork, every Tuesday and Thursday, and sometimes Saturday.

Is it too early for a margarita?


Susan Adrian said...


I would totally go out for margaritas with you, right now.

Also in desperate need...

K. said...

Aww, you're so sweet, Susan!


That was my virtual margarita glass clinking into yours. Sláinte!

(This after searching the pantry and finding no tequila in which to make a real one. :( Luck is not with me today.)

Sushi said...

I've got a bottle of gin and two types of vermouth in my fridge. And olives. And onions. And proper martini glasses. Just let me know when.

Emma Petersen said...

Hugs Kelly. It will get better. I just know it will. (LMAO. And no, I won't start singing "Tomorrow" from Annie.) Hehe.

K. said...

Thanks S.E. and Emma. One of these days we'll all have to meet up at a conference and have real drinks!

Susan Adrian said...

[One of these days we'll all have to meet up at a conference and have real drinks!]

Oooh, I propose Surrey. I go every year!


Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hope the day got better for you. I had one of those days on Thursday. :(