Friday, March 14, 2008

Yeager, then and now . . .

A year ago this was our 8 week old Great Dane puppy, Yeager. He was smaller than both of our cats:

And 120 lbs later:

He thinks he's a lap dog, and he's so gentle it's incredible given his size. His back is just below my belly button (I'm 5'4"). He can stand at the counter and put his head into the sink, all paws on the ground. His ball is a soccer ball, which he carries around in his mouth with ease, and he loves stealing firewood from the pile and running around the yard.  A total Momma's boy, too. He stays by my side even outdoors without running off. One cat likes him; they often gaze out the window together with the cat on the window sill and Yeager resting his jaw on the back of the cat (it's a big cat). The other one could take or leave him and has often swatted him in the face for the tiniest sniff.


Sushi said...

Oh, dear. :) He's just a big lump of love. From what I've seen, a lot of Danes have that lovable, loyal attitude. One of my friends has a big, old Dane--as in, two years beyond normal life expectancy and just now starting to show it--and that dog is like a teddy bear the size of a small horse. She loves Krispy Kreme, and one of her favourite things is being dressed up so she can pose for pictures.

If I had room for a big dog, I wouldn't object to a Dane. As things stand, though, two cats are enough to be going on with.

K. said...

I'm with you on the 'room' issue. We have a three bedroom house and this dog makes it seem very, very small. And the funny thing is; he's still growing!

Emma Petersen said...

Awwwwe. He's a big boy and so adorable.

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