Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Books out this week . . .

Three books came out this week (all on the same day if I'm not mistaken) that I'm adding to my TBR pile. Melissa Marr's Ink Exchange, Jeaniene Frost's One Foot in the Grave, and Jenna Black's Hunger's of the Heart, which is Drake's book, the only Guardian of the Night who drinks human blood. Me loves me some Drake. Heh.

A little break

Finally! I finished with revisions and sent them off to yon agent. At least for a little while I'll be able to use my sporadic free time to catch up things.

Here's the break down:

1. Work on website
2. Clean out the garage
3. Read some books!
4. Finish weeding out my herb garden
5. Read some blogs and loops and catch up with folks

That's the short list. :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


If you missed going to RT this year, there are a bunch of pics and journals going around. Check out Jocelynn Drake, Caitlin Kittredge and Jenna Black's blogs. (Plus, they have links to more . . .)

Writer's at Play will be hosting editor Melissa Endlich of Harlequin on Thursday, May 1st.

And just because I'm in the midst of this myself: Paperback Writer has an awesome link selection on writing the dreaded synopsis.

My copy of Rachel Vincent's Rogue came today!!!

And it's a good day because I'm having pizza for breakfast. Yum. From my favorite pizzaria, NY Pizza. Thin, greasy and leftover from last night. It's the best when you put it in a hot oven and let it bubble and the edges of the pepperoni curl up and get slightly burned. Heaven, I tell you. Heaven.

And it's raining. Hopefully, it'll thunder all day like it did yesterday -- my idea of a perfect day.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Say it ain't so . . .

I'm finished. Done. There are no more pages to read. I'm sad. I finally finished the last installment in the Gemma Doyle Trilogy, The Sweet Far Thing, by Libba Bray. I so didn't want the story to end. It was that good. This series drew me in and has stayed in my mind since I began reading. I want all my friends and family to read them. Seriously. I want them to experience this amazing journey, and this amazing world, and these amazing characters. *sigh* I truly wish I could step into the pages and join Gemma and her friends in Spence and the realms.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


That is what I hear EVERY time I sit down to work on revisions. I kid you not. It's like my child has some kind of radar. Once he's down for a nap, I can clean, do laundry, read a book, but every single time I attempt to do revisions, he wakes up and cries. *sigh*

To keep from frustration-volcanic-meltdown, I have decided to prioritize and work on this whole time management thing. I'm only doing revisions at night -- after he and the dd go to bed. Does he still wake up? Yeah. But, it's not so bad as during the day. Am I tired? Do I want to go to bed, too? Oh, hell yeah. But it's got to be done. He's also teething and is running a low fever because of it, so hopefully soon this period of unrest will blow over. During the day, I'm devoting a little time to the internet and then to things around the house that must be done, and, of course, to caring for a 4 month-old and all that entails. So far, so good. Except, I'm finding it hard to fit in the treadmill. How do you all do it? Anyone got any good advice to manage my time?

Good news is that I've only got 75 more pages to go and then I'm done. Then, I've got to read over any comments I might have left myself in the margins, clean up my synopsis and then I should be ready to send it into my agent.

Monday, April 07, 2008

250 pics later . . .

. . . and I have a brand new author photograph. I desperately needed a new one and finaling in the Golden Hearts was a good reason to get in front of the camera. (I think the last one was done three years ago). Plus, I wanted to be happy with it since it will be twenty feet high and flashed across a massive screen at the GH awards ceremony. I'll use it on my website as well when the site is complete.

So, since I promised some of you I'd share, and with much thanks to the Hub for putting up with me saying, "just a few more," about fifty times, here is my new pic.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Back home

Thanks to everyone for their kind words and condolences. The funeral was lovely. I had the pastor read a poem that my grandmother wrote, called "Springtime". I thought it was appropriate given the time of year and the fact that it spoke of new beginnings. On this day, however, it was cold and rainy, so cold, in fact, that ice fell with the rain and coated the trees on the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was very pretty. The family cemetery is on top of one of those mountains and looks over miles of ridges and valleys.

I've got a mountain of stuff to catch up on -- emails, posts, rewrites, laundry, grocery shopping . . . Joy.