Wednesday, April 16, 2008


That is what I hear EVERY time I sit down to work on revisions. I kid you not. It's like my child has some kind of radar. Once he's down for a nap, I can clean, do laundry, read a book, but every single time I attempt to do revisions, he wakes up and cries. *sigh*

To keep from frustration-volcanic-meltdown, I have decided to prioritize and work on this whole time management thing. I'm only doing revisions at night -- after he and the dd go to bed. Does he still wake up? Yeah. But, it's not so bad as during the day. Am I tired? Do I want to go to bed, too? Oh, hell yeah. But it's got to be done. He's also teething and is running a low fever because of it, so hopefully soon this period of unrest will blow over. During the day, I'm devoting a little time to the internet and then to things around the house that must be done, and, of course, to caring for a 4 month-old and all that entails. So far, so good. Except, I'm finding it hard to fit in the treadmill. How do you all do it? Anyone got any good advice to manage my time?

Good news is that I've only got 75 more pages to go and then I'm done. Then, I've got to read over any comments I might have left myself in the margins, clean up my synopsis and then I should be ready to send it into my agent.

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