Tuesday, May 20, 2008

GPS my way

The Hub has a GPS navigator in his truck. The voice is female; a very even, calm voice. He put it in my car this weekend when we were going to "family day" for his work. So, I'm riding along and listening to this voice thinking, they should have voices you can download just like ringtones. And just as quickly as that thought occurred, so did my perfect GPS voice. Oh yeah. Kelly wants a GPS with an outspoken male Scottish accent. "Turn right ye bonny lassie." "Och, yer going the wrong way!" "Just a wee bit farther now."

OMG. I was laughing so hard. Then, I told the Hub that on his many travels (which is why he has the GPS in the first place) that he should have my voice, so he wouldn't miss me. Yeah. That went over real well. "You were supposed to turn right there." "Turn right. No left. Yeah left." He loves me. But listening to my voice on a ten hour trip might just change things. Man, if I could do it just once, I would. Payback for all the times he's played jokes on me.

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