Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random links

In two of her latest blog posts, Agent Kristen Nelson talks about Popular Books and the readers who make them so.

Scott Carter's blog, The First Book, is devoted to what else? First books and their proud owners. The interviews are great and fun to read, especially the 'how did you get published stories'.

From the archives of Miss Snark answering the question: Do you have to pay back your advance if your book doesn't earn out? Read the comments, too. Lots of good information if you're wondering about advances and royalties in general and what happens when you don't earn out.

Sabrina Jeffries has compiled a dictionary of publishing terms with such things as "sell-through", "basket accounting", "reserve against returns" and more . . . Great info to know. Make sure to check out her "Big Misunderstanding of Money" article as well as her "Publishing Timeline".

The Name of the Wind author, Patrick Rothfuss, has a cool blog I've started reading/lurking about . . . The screaming baby with his book pic is hilarious.

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