Monday, June 09, 2008

Kitty in the Toilet

Gah. Ariel is obssessed with the toilet and shower. My daughter came downstairs last night and said the toilet was stopped up. Great. So I went up with the plunger, lifted the lid and Ariel springs out of nowhere and jumps straight into the toilet bowl. In the toilet. And for a second I was so shocked, I couldn't move and there she is just sitting inside the toilet looking up at me. Grrr. At least the tub was right there. I just grabbed her out and stuck her under the water. Which she just loved -- no seriously. I think that was her plan all along. Sneaky cat.


The Swivet said...

Oh, that's just NASTY.

Tia Nevitt said...

A cat who willingly goes into water? Is it possessed by a dog, perhaps?

K. said...

LOL.. I know; it's totally gross!

And I think she is very dog-like. She loves to play fetch. Gets excited and greets people when they come over and is always getting into some kind of trouble. She's even crashed my shower before. Just jumped right in and then ran out. Weird!

Sushi said...

That's, um. Wow. Wow. Even my Turkish Van won't go in the bath. I'm not sure if your cat is Machiavellian or insane or both.

She hasn't done it again, right? Because that would go beyond weird and into seriously messed up.

Lenore Appelhans said...

my cat likes to get in the shower, get wet and then roll around in her litter box. which means we have to give her a bath and dry her. who knows what her ultimate plan is.

K. said...

Okay, that story is totally bizarre. I wonder what your cat is thinking! Or maybe she just really likes her kitty litter . . .

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