Thursday, August 28, 2008

Head like a hole

Just came on the ipod.  Damn that brings back memories.  ;-)

Speaking of heads . . .  Did you know that migraines can actually cause teeny tiny lesions on the brain?  Too small to actually produce any kind of symptoms, or affect you in any way.  Or so says my neurologist as he pointed them out to me on my scan.  I've suffered from migraines for over a decade now.  Not fun.  I can go months without having one and then bring on stress, bad sleep and presto!  Migraine.  Factor in new baby (which equals no sleep and stress) and you can pretty much guess how my head has been feeling for the past nine months.  I get 1, sometimes 2, migraines per week.  I see auras.  Tiny dancing crosses that glow gold and white.  So, I know it's coming.  And I place this paper-thin slip of melting anti-migraine drug on my tongue and in under a minute, migraine is retreating.  Love it.  My doctor wants me to take a preventative medication everyday to stop the migraines from even showing up, but the ones I have tried so far make me feel sluggish and "off".  And I can't write when I feel that way.  I don't like feeling that way at all.  So I'm sticking to my miracle tabs.  

I need my medicine, but my insurance company has suddenly decided that I only need to get four pills (no more tabs!) per month.  Four.  Wtf?  Don't get me started.  

And my poor, beautiful reading glasses have been squished under the foot of an eight year old eye glass killer.  Which means I can't stare at the PC as long as usual without my eyes hurting and going all squirrelly.   'Cus if I do . . .  you guessed it -- migraine.   

Wasn't this a fun post?  :D


LeeAnn Flowers said...

I'm very sorry about your migraines. My husband's family suffers from them, and when he gets a bad one, it's tough. I sympathize and hope that they stay at bay.

K. said...

Thanks, LeeAnn! The Little One has begun sleeping through the night, so I think once I catch up on sleep, things might get a little better. I hope! :)

Anonymous said...

Hugs Kelly! Thankfully I don't get migraines very often and the only thing that helps when I do is sleep. I'll sleep for hours and most of the time when I wake its gone.

Factor in new baby...

New baby? Did I miss something? Are congrats in order? Congrats!!!

K. said...

Now Emma - I KNOW I sent you an email . . . 'cus I checked. :D About nine months ago. Baby Boy. With pictures. . . **shaking head** LMAO.

Tia Nevitt said...

I get migraines as well, but mine are triggered by episodes of high blood pressure, so ibuprofen takes care of it. But before I learned of this simple cure, life could get pretty miserable. And when I couldn't take ibuprofen while pregnant, life was miserable.

I hope you can find some relief!

K. said...

Thanks, Tia!

I was dreading the whole migraine and pregnancy thing since I wouldn't be able to take anything either, but as it turned out I didn't get a single migraine the entire time I was pregnant -- weird, but a total Godsend. I can only imagine how tough that must've been for you, though.