Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Planning ahead for 2009 events

I'm planning ahead this year.  There are three events, I'm definitely shooting for:  the PASIC conference in March 2009 in NYC.  PASIC is the Published Author's Special Interest Chapter of RWA, and the conference is a three-day event designed for authors.  I've heard great things about this event. 

The second is held in April -- the annual RT Convention in Orlando, FL.  I've thought of going many times over the years, mainly to utilize the great workshops, meet up with friends and make connections. And, of course, there are those fabulous vampire and fairy balls. Unfortunately I've never actually made it there. 

And third is RWA's National Conference, July 2009, held in D.C.  -- And I can drive there!  Yay! I have no clue yet as to my exact release date, so I'm not sure if my book will be out in time for the massive literacy signing, but wouldn't that be awesome?

So, these are the events I'm aiming for as of now.  There are a few more I'd like to attend, but I'll have to wait and see . . .


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, I wish I still lived in Baltimore! I could have visited you while you were in DC. Well, if you see any conferences out this way and want to add a #4 to your list... :)

Btw, true life story of an internet junkie, phone hater: I'm glad you have a blog.

K. said...

LOL. I'm with you. Thank God for the internet 'cus I'm so not a phone person!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly,

I'll be at RT & RWA but I'm not sure about PASIC. I'm not a member yet still waiting for my numbers to see if I qualify. Can't wait to see you at RT! Yay! :D

K. said...

Ooh, YAY!! Okay, we sooooo have to meet up! :D