Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Drama in Kellandia

I think it's time for another installment of Drama in Kellandia. To recap the last time we visited this most holy of cities, a crime had been committed. See evidence below and stay tuned for some new developments to come in the next day or two.


This morning a heinous crime was discovered in Kellandia. Xena, Warrior Princess, and much beloved member of Kellandia was attacked with scissors while she slept. I give you Exhibit A & B:

Who has done such a vile deed? I give you the suspects:

Barbie & Wonder Woman. Barbie lives in nearby Kidtropolis and is still seeking vengeance after Xena sliced off Barbie's fingers (as evident in the police photo). Or she could just be pissed due to the bad hairdo . . . Wonder Woman, another beloved member of Kellandia believes Xena may have stolen W's lasso.

This investigator, however, believes a sordid love triangle might exist between the victim and suspects and this man:

Legolas. Chick magnet. Could it be a case of jealousy, perhaps? Or is Legolas humiliated and out for revenge due to the sudden black magic-market dot that appeared on the tip of his nose? Does he think Xena is the culprit?

For now, the case remains open . . .


Danica Avet said...

Okay, this post seriously made me to 'tee-hee!'. haha.

Rebecca said...

Whoah, I've got a lot of blog catching up to do! Luckily I have plenty of time now that I am banned from campus do to swine flu. Anyways, I'm just really glad that at such a time as this there is a wealth of things to make me laugh around and about on the interwebs. Thanks Kel!