Monday, September 08, 2008

The view outside my window

I present Spidericus Bigassicus . . .

English Translation:  Big Ass Spider


Anonymous said...

Ewww gross. I'm totally skeeved out just from the picture. haha... really nice photography though! :)

Susan Adrian said...

Oh, GACK!! *running away from screen*

JKB said...


BIG spider. Do Not Want.!!

K. said...

Thanks Beck! I got a new Nikon D40 and it's awesome.

And you know what guys? That pic is pretty much life-size. I think people around here call them "writer spiders" because they make those zigzags on their webs.

She's pretty, so I'm leaving her to build her writer's web right outside my kitchen window . . . :D

Anonymous said...

Ooooo awesome-o! I expect to see more photos then. :)

I still have photos to send to you.

Sushi said...

Ooh, pretty. :) I wish we got spiders like that around here. The closest I get is chasing brown recluses out of my tomato bed before I weed.

Emma Petersen said...

ROFLMAO! Spidericus Bigassicus.

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