Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Comfort reads

Need a pick me up?  Just want some fun, witty banter and cute hairless mutant toy dogs with a thing for disco in your read?  Look no more.  Pick up a Susan Donovan book.  They are just the pick me up I need when I want to escape and take a light-hearted journey.  I've read this one three times now and still love it.

Take A Chance On Me
ISBN: 0312983751

A neurotic, hairless dog has witnessed his owner's murder, and it's pet psychiatrist Emma Jenkins's job to discover what he knows. Unfortunately, the dog has been adopted by Thomas Tobin, a pessimistic investigator who spends his life posing as a hit-man

Public Displays of Affection is also a great read . . .

Anyone care to share their own comfort reads?


Rebecca said...

Neurotic hairless dog? I may have to read this now that I am a neurotic hairless woman. ;)

K. said...

And what a beautiful hairless woman you are! You rock!

LeeAnn Flowers said...

For comfort reads, I like Sharon Shinn's Summers at Castle Auburn and pretty much anything by Anne McCaffrey.

K. said...

Ooh great recommendations, LeeAnn!