Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The disconnected , reconnected yo-yo

Grrr. Upgrading from Tiger to Leopard . . . Thought it would be a breeze. Macs are supposed to be a breeze, right? As my friend Emma would say: Le Sigh. It's been a lot of those here lately. Apologies all around for the silence.

I have managed to get online a few times. Ever try to take a baby into the library to use their interent? NOT A GOOD IDEA. Bad, bad idea. Do not try this. For your own safety and those around you, please. Save yourself.

Good news is (even though the iMac is still freezing, won't stay connected to the Internet), I haz new laptop. Yeah. Uh huh. You heard me. New. Lap. Top. :D Isn't she pretty? I luv her. 13" screen. 5lbs. packed with memory and lots o' goodies.

And thanks must go to my agent for her advice. I inquired about this years model, which is the exact same as the 2009's that are coming out now -- same processor, same memory, same graphics card . . . This baby would've cost $1,000+, but I got it for about $350 less. They had one left, still in the box, never opened. Great deal. And yeah, it comes with Vista, but it's Vista Ultimate and quite frankly, it's not bad at all for the things I need to do. Oh, and if you're in the market for a new laptop and prefer the smaller ones, test out the keyboard to make sure you can still write comfortably. Thanks Colleen for that tip, too!

Anyway, I have some great posts lined up for this week and next, so I hope y'all will check back in.


Tia Nevitt said...

Does this mean your Neo will be neglected? I still use and recommend mine!

K. said...

Never! :D

Hiya Tia!! The Neo is my primary writing tool -- still love that thing like crazy! The laptop will be for internet stuff, revisions, research, staying in touch -- er, and maybe some . . um . . . well, games too. ;-) There I admitted it.

Jax Cassidy said...

I am getting a Dell mini laptop soon so it won't break my back when I travel. I have this really old Dell laptop that's basically carrying me when I take it out to go write. Hope you enjoy the new operating system!

K. said...

I looked at the Dells too. Very nice. My old laptop was the same -- big and heavy. So glad to have gotten rid of it (well, passed it along to my daughter).