Monday, November 24, 2008

A Gathering of Doorways

If the title alone doesn't grab you, the writing will.  I read Michael Jasper's novel in one sitting.  One sitting.  I was pulled in from the first page, into the lives of the Andersons, their eerie farm and the mysterious Undercity.  And once you're sucked in, that's it.  Might as well accept it and prepare yourself for the ride. Because you'll be compelled to figure out what's going on.  What happened to their young son, Noah when he disappeared into the dark woods?  What's up with the freaky neighbors and those peculiar dogs?  And what the hell is Undercity?  

Opening this novel is like sinking into a hot southern dreamland.  A captivating, unpredictable dreamland full of weird occurrences, fascinating characters, and emotions that are all too real.  The reality of the Anderson's life -- their current struggles and haunting past -- blends and bleeds perfectly into Jasper's strange paranormal landscape.  

Like the Twilight Zone?  Because A Gathering of Doorways is a doorway into the same kind of unknown, and it's one hell of a trip.

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