Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Awesome moments

I meant to post this a while back . . . I was in B&N perusing the Sci-fi/fantasy section and finally picked up fellow S&S author, Chris Evans' gorgeous book, A Darkness Forged in Fire. Chris and I share the same editor, which in and of itself is really cool and mind blowing. i.e., I have an editor, and I am holding one of his books! Awesome moment Number One.

Awesome moment Number Two: I moved down the line to check out the selection of Neil Gaiman titles. And then it hit me. The authors went Gaiman/Gear. Guess who fits smack dab in the middle? Picture me blinking and my jaw dropping in slow-mo. :D

My book is going to be published. It's going to be in the bookstore. It's going to (possibly) be shelved right next to an author whose imagination and worlds have inspired me and strengthened my love for the genre, and whose writing I admire like crazy.

Surreal. Humbling. Moment.


Andrea Coulter said...

Thanks for turning me on to A Darkness Forged in Fire, it sounds great and is now on my list of Christmas gifts I want.

Hope you have many more awesome author moments!

K. said...

Thanks, Lynn!

I love turning people on to good books, and from all I've heard so far, A Darkness Forged in Fire is a good one!! Hope you get it for X-mas! :D