Friday, December 12, 2008


Just doing my morning rounds in the Blogosphere and got distracted from my intended post by Cheri Priest's new novel, Fathom, which I believe came out a few days ago.  Oh.  My.  God.  I must read this book.  It's wonderfully different, yet has all the fantastical elements I love.  And it's just a whole lot of coolness.  Here's the synopsis on her blog:

An ageless water witch schemes to bring old gods back to glory, but awakening the Leviathan is no small feat–and it’s none too compatible with the survival of humanity. Nevertheless, a handful of ambitious villains are open to recruitment and the ranks of darkness fill with surprising speed. Aided by an eighteenth-century Spanish pirate and his deranged young lover, the witch strives to bring about the end of the world.

But between the cracks hide forgotten old things. Ignored–but far from powerless–they claim a hero of their own. The soul they salvage was destined for a watery grave, but the timing is right and the lingering elementals have better ideas.

Now the End of Days is challenged by a strange and powerful new creature, distilled from stone by a servant of the earth who refuses to surrender his green fields and muddy plains. Not yet. Add to his arsenal a hapless insurance inspector and the irate priest of a fire god, and suddenly rural Florida doesn’t seem quite so sleepy anymore.


JKB said...

oooohhhh this one sounds GOOD!

Thanks for posting it! *putting it on my LIST*

Anonymous said...

yep looks cool, well since you are a fan of urban fantasy did you have a go at hellgate-london ??

K. said...

You'll have to let me know how you liked the book, JKB!

ken-G: Do you mean the RPG game? If so, no I haven't played that one ... (checked it out though, and it looks really cool). I've been playing EQII and Spore (sometimes) for a while and would like to check out Aion when it comes out.

Unknown said...

Hi Kelly, found you, indirectly, through Colleen's blog (enjoyed your guest post about signing your contract). I see some of my writer/ blogger buddies already have commented on various posts here and I like your blog- added you to my blog roll.

Thanks for the book recommendation. Sounds like a winner.

Anonymous said...

kelly hellgate london is also a trilogy written by mel odom
set 18,14 and 13 yrs before the game events :). i personally was forced by the book to play the game

K. said...

Oh no! Another series to add to the TBR pile. Or should I say mountain? :D