Friday, December 05, 2008

Writing Caves

I don't have a cave. I have a chair, ottoman and laptop. There is an "office area" in my house. It has bookshelves, an old PC, wall calendar, stacks of notebooks, binders and books. But, I cannot write in there. Dunno why. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to take a pic of "The Chair". Sometimes it's "The Couch", which sits diagonal to the chair, but mostly it's the chair and usually there are a bunch of books, notes and crap piled on the side table . . . But I actually cleaned yesterday.

If you want to check out pics of other author's writing caves, Paige Cuccaro has a ton on her website. She's got Kim Harrison, Laurel K. Hamilton, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and more . . . Neat site.

My CP, Jenna Black has my favorite office of all time. You will be suitably envious, lemme tell you. Go to Dusted (a very cool blog) to see pics.


Unknown said...


Used to have a 'cave' -- now the Mother-in-Law lives there ;-) No matter, I can never, ever, write at home. I go to Borders after work during the week -- on week-ends I hold up at Panera -- free internet AND refills on the coffee.

Keep Writing!

K. said...

LOL. Panera and all the coffee you can drink?! Sounds like my kind of place! :D

Jax Cassidy said...

Nice chair...Wherever the inpiration is, that's where you should write. I usually have spots in the house or a cafe I go to that I feel is where the Muse likes to hang out. Once I settle in Texas, I'll have to take pics of my new cave :)

Andrea Coulter said...

Jenna Black's writing cave makes me salivate. I don't really have a cave: sometimes I write in a chair by the window, sometimes on the couch, and sometimes sprawled on my bed. And sometimes sitting at the dining table (I have three roommates, so my choices depend on what areas of the house are free!)