Friday, January 09, 2009

I know, I know

My website is in major need of an update. It's sad, really. But here's the deal: I'm waiting for cover art. :D 'Cus, see, it's gonna have a grand overhaul when that happens . . .

And, yeah, okay, I know everyone is Twittering. And then there's My Space and Facebook. They're on the List 'O Things to explore. Er, at some point in the, hopefully, near future. Heh.

In other news, the revisions for THE BETTER PART OF DARKNESS are still going well. In the home stretch, tackling the biggest note, which really isn't that big in terms of major changes and restructuring. And I realize/admit/accept that I cannot type the word 'from' without having to slowdown and think about it. It comes out as 'form' every single time. It's like my fingers refuse to go in the proper order.

That is all.




Rebecca said...

What do you mean you are waiting for cover art? What kind of waiting is this? Like the kind of waiting where someone sends it to you orrrr the kind of waiting where you are waiting to discuss it and tweak it etc...? Because if it's the second kind of waiting, I know this really awesome, laid back artist who would charcoal, ink, pen, graphite, watercolor, paint, or print you whatever amazing cover you might need free of charge and even mail it to your publisher for you... just mentioning. And if it's not the second kind of waiting, what are you doing for the cover of Book 2? LA! (laughing aloud, since lol is actually incorrect grammatically)

K. said...

It's the kind of waiting where I am at the mercy of my publisher. :-) They have their own arts department (or freelance folks they use).

All publishing houses are a little different when to comes to cover, but for the most part, the author has very little control over the process.

My publisher was open to hearing my ideas, and I was able to send him a few links of covers I liked and what I envisioned, but ultimately it will be their decision.

But once I get the actual cover, I'll be able to design my website around the colors, fonts, graphics and things like that.