Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More revision randomness

Everytime I open my document and start a new revision day, I feel like if I have to read this book one more time I'm going to vomit, or shove an ice pick in my eye. (The urge is different from day to day. :D ). But, what is truly insane to me is that once I settle into the story, those icky feelings drift away, and I'm pulled back into my world once again. I really should hate this book by now. I mean, I've read the dang thing at least twenty times, some chapters more than that I'm sure. I still love it, though. But I'm also ready to turn it over and let Pocket work their magic. Just an observation from moi. :-)

Passes made so far: 6

Word count added: 2,189

Repeated mispellings: Embarrassed to admit this one. My own character's name. Charlie always comes out as Cahrlie. It's my fingers. They refuse to do it correctly. I have auto correct to fix it, but still . . .

Comments (made by moi) left in the ms.: 36

Sample of comments remaining: "Wrapped up too neatly.", "Check capps of this word through-out and consistency of all weapons used.", "Needs to be more screaming here." And this one, quite honestly, I have no idea why I wrote this or what I was talking about: "Ah, the hell with it." :D


Jax Cassidy said...

I've been there when I've read my stuff one too many times I get a migraine. As far as all the other stuff you take note of, I am in awe. I'm terrible at editing but at least once it's done I can move onto another story I've been dying to write! :) Good luck!

Unknown said...

hmm, more screaming? -- sign me up!
Can't wait to check this out.
Don't feel bad about charlie, mine is "monore" instead of "monroe".
Also- i feel you on the being sick of it, but really still in love with it too thing. Tonight I had to read part of mine to my crit partner I've probably redone a dozen times, and i was like not THIS-- AGAIN.

But I do like it, and what's cool about revising is seeing it get better. That's pretty gratifying.

K. said...

Gah. Yeah, I get migraines, too, Jax. Not fun. It's weird b/c lately I've been getting them anytime I sleep-in on the weekends (which, for me, sleeping in means 9-9:30).

LOL, Sue! Glad to see I'm not the only one who does the name-spelling thing wrong. Thank God for auto-correct!

LeeAnn Flowers said...

In one of my stories, my character's name is Laoise (Lee-sha). I really wish that whatever bug up my butt that made me pick that name had just left me alone, but it tends to massacred in many ways.

When editing, though, I have this fear that my stuff is never good enough to get published. So after leaving it alone for a while, I go back and read it and get sucked right in. I'm a picky reader, so if I can get into it so easily, that's a good thing, right?

Or is it because I write what I want to read? Who knows?

K. said...

LOL, good questions, LeeAnn. I often wonder the samething... ;-)