Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Writers seeking an agent?

Want to bypass the whole query thing? This looks like it a great opportunity to get your first chapter read by a literary agent, so I'm posting it here in case some of you haven't heard yet. (I saw this mentioned on Christine Writes a Book and Heather Zundel's blog). I think they rep mostly YA and childrens, but check out their site to make sure.

From Firebrand Literary:

". . . we’re announcing the first annual FIREBRAND QUERY HOLIDAY—to support authors who want to spend their time and energy perfecting their manuscripts and not just polishing their sales skills.

We want to read your first chapter.

We pledge to review all samples by the end of January, and will respond to those that we are interested in no later than Feburary 1."


Christine said...

Hi Kelly!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's exciting to read about your success! I look forward to reading about and learning from your adventures in publishing!



K. said...

Thanks, Christine! :D