Monday, February 02, 2009

The dreaded author photo & bio

So, it's time for me to submit my author photograph and bio, which will go on the inside back cover (or the back, not sure which yet) of the book. I'm so bad at writing about myself! I'm bad at photographs, too, but I might just use the one the hub took last spring (the one currently on my website).

What's everyone else been up to?

Tomorrow I'm going to post a hilarious/frightening/embarrassing/graceful (take your pick) picture of what I did on Saturday. All I can say is that it involves balance and wheels -- eight of them. :D


Unknown said...

How exciting!-- but yeah, I've had to do this kind of thing for art stuff (galleries etc) and I always feel kind of like The Continental (Chris Walken's smarmy snl character.)

"Enough about me, what do YOU think of me?"

Yours will be great. I can tell by your blog. ;)

Rebecca said...

I'd offer to write that part for you, but you would then sound terribly conceded upon turning it in as your own work... "Kelly is clearly the most amazing writer in the universe and also a very talented visual artist. Growing up in rural ______ in a house with a pond, she discovered early on her love for writing and her most favourite cousin of all who is also amazing..." That's about how it'd go. haha.

Good luck on that business!

Also, I like the photo on your website. :) But, maybe another picture would be nice... one a little darker and not so dang cheerful? Just judging by the assumedly twisted nature of your writing. ;)

Magaly Guerrero said...

You'll be great, and remember that we'll be somewhere cheering for you!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Hm... I just read Becky's comment, and I should probably think about changing my blog pic for something meaner looking. Then again, maybe not… I mean, just think about it, Dr. Lecter he is all smooth, extra-groomed and classy as anyone can be--AND HE EATS PEOPLE!

I think that you should be youself Kelly. When I make it--and the Gods know I will--I'm wearing black and killer pink!

Merc said...

Anything with eight wheels and balance intrigues me... looking forward to it.

Good luck with the photo and bio! I so don't envy you that... ;) (I think I need to wear a mask if I ever need a formal one I'm the most unphotogenic person I know. Mwhaha ha ha.)

Just found your blog, and am enjoying looking around. :)


K. said...

Thanks, Sue!

OMG, Beck. Yeah, the writing can be very twisted at times. That's my plan, lure unsuspecting readers in with my cheery photo and then, WHAM!, turn them to the darkside.:D

LOL, Magaly. Black and killer pink ROCKS. ;-)

Hi Merc! Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to the blog.

Rebecca said...

Brilliant! You'd be the one to do it too. Going with that plan perhaps the whole book should be cotton candy pink or something. ;) hehe