Thursday, February 05, 2009

Playing hooky

Yeah. I did. And I'm not sorry about it. :D Yesterday I had breakfast with my dd, went to see INKHEART (and have you guys seen the preview for RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN? I cannot wait to see it!), came home and played video games.

It was a good day.

Dinner was great, too. We grilled on the charcoal grill. Yum. The hub brought home a bag of lemons and made lemonade. So good.

I'm playing hooky for half the day today as well -- having lunch (which usually lasts 2-3 hours, so maybe I should call it lunch-and-more) with Jenna Black. I love having lunch with my writer pals. It's nice to get out of the house and have some adult conversation and talk shop.

Hope you all have a good day, too!


Rebecca said...

Oh hellllllll no. There's a new Witch Mountain movie?! It will never be as good as the original (, which I have watched 8746520893745234 times. That was my 2nd favourite movie (only topped by the Wizard of Oz). A movie with supped up special effects is never going to top the original story with Tia and Tony and the crazed Uranium wanting millionaire. Watch the original first... I'm sure it's better.

But, anyway, how was Inkheart?

K. said...

INKHEART was good, not as good as the book, though.

The new Witch Mountain movie takes place 30 years after the original, so it's not a "remake" in the true sense of the word. (I agree that nothing could take the place of Escape to Witch Mountain!!) But I think the producers are going a good route by not trying to be a replica, but a story based on the original. They're calling it 'Race to Witch Mountain."

I love the cast, too. It's got the girl who played in Bridge to Terabithia, and the boy who played in The Seeker. And of course The Rock. :D Anyway, check out hte trailer on IMDB.

K. said...

According to Wikipedia, the producers describe it as "a new chapter within the world of Witch Mountain."

Unknown said...

First of all, skipping -WOOT!
The best part of school was def all the skipping. Tomorrow I'm skipping w/ a bud of mine and can't wait!

I'm so jealous you have cool writer friends in RL. I have one writey friend, but she's not into it for reals, and people who aren't writey really don't get it.

K. said...

Cool! Hope you have fun! :-)