Monday, February 16, 2009

Productive weekend

Despite everything that seems to be going wrong, one thing has been going right. The YA is progressing wonderfully. I wrote 11,000 words over the weekend, bringing the rough draft past the 100 page mark.

I usually plot. A lot. But with this book, I'm just forging ahead without too much knowledge of what's going to happen. I vaguely know how I want it to end (as far as my main character's emotional black moment and such) but I have no idea what that scene will entail or how she's going to get there. I'm finding it all very strange, but it's working for this story so I'm keeping on with the status quo, and just sitting my butt down and writing whatever comes to mind.

Funny how certain stories demand to be written in certain ways, isn't it?


LeeAnn Flowers said...

I personally love it when a story hijacks me like that. It seems like some of my best work is almost stream of consciousness.

Then again, I have other stories that need to have everything laid out precisely for anything to happen.

It's a weird profession.

Merc said...

Awesome job on the word count, Kelly! :D

It's fun when a story leads the way... of course mine tend to wander into tar pits, but hey. At least it was entertaining to start with...

Keep up the excellent progress. :)

K. said...

Yes, 'hijack' is the word, LeeAnn! Totally weird b/c my Charlie Madigan books all want to be plotted to a tee.

Thanks Merc! LOL. Mine tend to wander sometimes, too. :-)