Friday, February 06, 2009

Productivity of a sort

Had a fantastic lunch yesterday with Jen. We chatted and ate and brainstormed, which was AWESOME. It was like some electrified ping-pong match, only we were playing with each other not against. Kind of went like:

"That's so cool, and then you could have...", "And if she did this, then that would be...", "Ooh, I love that, and if you went that direction you could do this...", "Or what about this..."

I also revealed my ultra secret YA project during lunch. And I'm pretty certain Jen could tell by my super-sonic blabbering and stumbling over words that I'm so freakin' excited about this book (as my agent can attest to as well). Really guys -- that's the only time I get that way. Promise. :D

All this creative talking is like 'Red Bull for Writers' to me. I went home and wrote 11 pages!


Unknown said...

Super coolio. Still jealous, but good for you!

Merc said...

Awesome to hear the lunch went so well! :D I can totally see the hyper bouncing/babbling when talking with writing friends. ;) Not that I ever get that way. O:) Of course not.



K. said...

LOL. Thanks guys. I wish I could have lunch like that everyday!