Monday, February 09, 2009


1) Writing, and playing catch up since I played hooky last week.

2) Bummed I couldn't go to NY Comic-Con, but having fun reading about it on other people's blogs.

3) Feeling like a cold is coming on. Taking zinc and vitamin C in hopes of fighting it off.

4) My TBR pile depresses me. I'd need 2-3 weeks off to read all these awesome books. Well, that and they keep staring at me. Just staring. Waiting . . .

EDITED TO ADD: Shameless promo for a great book! Jax's book, The Art of Sensuality, is up for some whipped cream voting. :D Check it out, read the reviews, and if you think hers is awesome (as I do), then vote! (Not sure when it ends, but it's still open as of today.)


Jax Cassidy said...

You're a sweetheart for the plug! Big hugs and kisses. Hope you kick that cold. I was starting to feel a little under the weather last week but now I'm back at writing!

Merc said...

*offers a flamethrower to fry cold germs with* Hope you beat it off--I hate colds...

Hey, my TBR pile is homicidal. It sits there on the desk, teetering, just waiting to fall and clonk me on the head when I least expect it... are you sure yours isn't planning something? :P

Good luck writing!


K. said...

No problem, Jax. ;-)

Merc, I hope they're not planning -- there are enough in that pile to overthrow a large buffalo. :D

Magaly Guerrero said...

My TBR pile was becoming wishful thinking :( The books won't even look at me anymore, they are just pissed! I better start giving them some love, or I’m afraid they are going to pack up and leave! Hope you feel better soon ;)