Monday, March 02, 2009

Book 2

Writing a second book in a series is a first for me. And it comes with all sorts of concerns. Can I carry the voice, and create (and stick to) a story arc that encompasses the series? Will I get tired of writing the same characters again? Will the second book be as fresh and engaging as the first?

Last night, I turned my attention back to Book 2 with all those worries and hopes in mind. I'd already written the first 100 pages, so I immersed myself in those pages to get back into the voice and characters. And you know what? From the very first line, I was smiling. Smiling because that line (of dialogue) was so Charlie Madigan, my heroine. There she was being Charlie -- impatient, brave, bold, and totally vexed with her captivating, untroubled partner.

Those writing worries are still worries. I think that's what makes me try for perfection everytime I write. But they aren't in the forefront of my mind. I'm back in my universe, in the world of Underground Atlanta, where things are familiar, my characters known, and my story taking fight once more . . .

As for the YA, I had to stop just shy of finishing the rough draft. I can see the ending clearly, so it won't take much to get back into it. But I did finish the proposal, had some great feedback from Jenna, revised a bit, and sent it off to yon agent for review.


Keli Gwyn said...


I'm delighted to hear that Book 2 has recaptured you. I hope you enjoy spending time with familiar characters and seeing where they lead you.

Unknown said...

I love continuing my characters, setting etc too. Feels like getting to hang out with them again. Good luck on the proposal.

K. said...

Thanks, Keli and Sue! I keep going back and forth between severe worry/pressure, and a feeling of delight at revisting my characters and my world. Gah. The writer's life, eh? :-)