Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I finished the rough draft of Book 2 a few hours after my last blog post. And yesterday, I took the day off. I spent most of the day outside, raking leaves and cleaning up the yard. Nice, mindless way to rest my brain and get my body moving, plus I needed a dose of sunshine since most weeks my sunlight exposure is very minimal.

Even though I needed the break, it still felt weird not writing. I don't like to take too much time off. Writing is an everyday habit, I like to maintain. Take too much time off and it's harder to get back into the groove. And I like being in the groove.

So, starting a first pass rewrite on the rough draft today. Tackling some of the easier comments made in the margins.

-- I have 65 comments (made by myself), which is less than the first book, I believe. A lot of time this number grows instead of decreases as I rewrite. But most of them are "Check Book 1 for consistency." "Did you cap this in Book 1?", "Does this make sense?", etc... as well as a lot of layering notes.

I am totally excited with the story. It really became much easier to write once I stopped aiming for certain things and just wrote 'in the moment' with Charlie instead of thinking ahead too much. The first book was written with a very clear outline -- and that way worked for that book. This one, was quite a different process! Funny how each book leads me down a different road in terms of writing process ...


Jax Cassidy said...

Wow, you sure put a lot into your writing! I am really bad. I'll finish a draft, send it to my beta readers for their take on any confusion, etc. Then I make edits and additions to fill those holes, then I polish and never look back. You should be writing my book if you're that bored! LOL

Tez Miller said...

Yardwork? I would've just passed out on the couch - but obviously you're made of stronger stuff than I am ;-)

K. said...

LOL. I ended up passing out on the couch today for about an hour. Think I might have overdone it yesterday! :-)