Monday, April 06, 2009

This week

What's up for this week:

Keeping a close eye on the weather. We have a tornado watch today...

Revisions on Book 2 -- yesterday I wrote out each scene on post-it notes and laid them out on my kitchen table. Want to make sure the scenes and sequences are in the best order possible. This week, I'll be revising chapter by chapter.

Travel -- yet another 7 hours drive to visit family, beginning Wed. Joy.


Rebecca said...

Ooooo, jealous... have fun in [that unnamed state where our fanily members reside]!!!!

Also, try not to end up in Oz or anything... booo tornadoes.

Jax Cassidy said...

Is it me, or is the weather just absolutely wonky this year? It was nice and sunny and now a cold storm is blowing through. Last week it was hail. Anywoo, have a safe and wonder trip with the family. Knowing you, I bet your Book 2 will be in awesome shape!

K. said...

LOL, Beck. Thanks!

And Jax, I know! the weather has been freaky. (And I think you have way more confidence in me than I do.) :D

Tara Maya said...

Oh hey, I use that method too.

K. said...

Hi Tara! Yeah, I really like using the cards -- especially when I'm having trouble seeing the bigger picture.

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