Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cover comments

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who commented on my cover. It's great to get feedback and hear what you guys think. I loved all your comments, both online and off.

Two comments made by several folks regarding the cover is the Tomb Raider type look of the model -- which is awesome in my opinion, cus Lara Croft rocks. And (this is hysterical) but I've had six people thus far say 'she looks like you'. It must be the hair style b/c I wear my hair like that a lot, and my hair is dark. Other than that, I don't see the resemblance (except maybe the tough look the model has might resemble me when I'm pissed. Ha!).

Off to work on Book 2...


Jax Cassidy said...

I had thought the model resembled you but glad I can now tell you without feeling like the only one who thought that. LOL

LeeAnn Flowers said...

Hey, just letting you know that I went into Barnes & Noble the other evening and asked for your book - and it was in the computer. Although, he said it wasn't available for preorder and you say it is, but still. Uber-cool that I could find it. :D

Super, super congrats!