Monday, May 25, 2009

PW article - 'When Love is Strange'

Gwenda Bond has written a fantastic article in this week's Publishers Weekly on paranormal trends in romance, as well as a bit about urban fantasy. She was kind enough to mention The Better Part of Darkness in the article, which is the coolest thing evah and deserves an enormous 'thank you' from me.

Gwenda follows up with some additional thoughts on her blog -- a must read. Check out her "Some Things I learned". Great stuff.


Caffey said...

Hi Kelly. Just read about your book there and too found yours recommended from another author :) Love the gritty feel of the cover too and the blurb. So my kind of read! Great to meet you!

K. said...

Thanks, Caffey! Who was this other author? I must know. :D Glad you liked the cover, and great to meet you, too!

Keli Gwyn said...

I saw your book mentioned in the PW article. How cool, Kelly!