Friday, May 29, 2009

Reader here

So someone made a comment to me the other day about how my life must have changed since selling, and how I've gone from a reader of books to a writer of books -- the assumption being that now I primarily spend my time writing and have had to give up reading, and that I no longer need to read as much since I can just read my own stuff. Um, no. Far from it. And I know I'm preaching to the choir here since you all are writers and readers, but . . .

I'm a fangirl of the written word. I get chills when a new book from a favorite or an exciting new author comes out. I gush over books I love to anyone who will listen. I have trembled and tripped over words as I've had books signed by amazing authors. And if I have my camera, I get pics, too. :D

I have, and always will be, a voracious reader. Selling doesn't change that. Yeah, my time is a bit more limited than before, but I make time to read. I must. One, because I love it. Two, because it's part of the business I'm in. And three, because I still learn something with every book I read. Prime example was last night. I stayed up until 1 A.M. reading MAGIC BURNS by Ilona Andrews. What an amazing book! But also an excellent lesson in tight writing, show-don't-tell, and amazing dialogue. Eagerly awaiting my copy of MAGIC STRIKES now! Seriously, if you haven't read the Kate Daniels books - Go. Now. Read.

Reading feeds my soul, keeps me thinking and imagining. It inspires me and makes me a better writer. And the list goes on and on... I suspect most writers would agree.

On my Book Blogs link to the right, you'll find a list of great sites devoted to books (mostly sci-fi/fantasy, urban fantasy, and parnormal romance). Some of these are new discoveries and some are ones I've had around for a while and remain my favs. All of which are great resources that feed my appetite for books, and might feed yours, too. ;-)

EDITED TO ADD: And if anyone has a good site to recommend that is not listed, just post it in the comments!


Jacqueline C. said...

AHH! I love you for putting me on the list!

K. said...

LOL. It was my pleasure!! You have a great site. :D

Donna said...

Once a reader always a reader, no matter what you do in life, is what I think. I've had periods where I didn't pick up a book at all, especially when my son was younger, but I always come back to them. Books give me a sense of peace, even the horror stories. LOL! Books just love 'em.

I have Magic Burns, haven't read it yet but others like you have raved about the Kate Daniels' books. Must.Read.Faster.

Take Care!

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