Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday tidbits

Since the hub was out of the country over Mother's Day, we're celebrating later this week instead. Over the weekend, I was able to get some sporadic writing done. It was enough to give me a leg-up on this week, so today I'm taking part of the day off to see Star Trek. So excited. And I'm even more excited b/c I had no idea that Karl Urban plays Dr. McCoy, and I'm a huge K.U. fan since his days as Ceasar on Xena. I know, I'm such a geek . . . :D

Oh, and yesterday I had thee most amazing idea for another series. It's O. M. G. worthy, and something no one has done before. At all. Not even vaguely. And it's full of good stuff that it gives me chills. *sigh* This is why I love writing. This is also one of my biggest distractions -- new ideas.

Unfortunately, I cannot give this my attention now. There isn't enough time in my day, and I don't want to lose the momentum I have with Book 2. But I did make some notes, so that I can pick this one up after turning in B2 (which is surprising me at every turn, and taking Charlie places I never thought she'd go. Yay!) and after polishing up Le Super Secret YA.


Keli Gwyn said...

Oooh, doesn't it feel great when an awesome idea takes hold? Enjoy developing it.

Have fun at Star Trek. I want to take my DH, a sci-fi kinda guy who's watched more than his fair share of chick flicks with me. :)

Martin said...

Hi, Kelly. Just wanted to say thanks for the parsed query you posted. After listening to a ton of conflicting advice, it saved my sanity. :)

Oh, and we saw Star Trek on the weekend. Just a PHENOMENAL movie! Any movie that has me in tears and out of breath before the opening credits is good in my book. :)

K. said...

I love that 'new idea' feeling, Keli. It's sooo hard not to get distracted, lol.

Martin -- It's great to hear the query helped out; thanks for letting me know! And, yeah, I totally agree with you now that I'm back home: Star Trek was incredible from the first second to the last. Wow. That opening had me in tears, too, and from there it held me completely enthralled.

LeeAnn Flowers said...

I'm a big Karl Urban fan, too. Loved him in LOTR and Bourne Supremacy.

Great on the new idea! I wish you lots and lots of writing time.

The Swivet said...

OMG, yon agent would like to know about your fabulous series idea, puh-leeez.