Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday blahs

Depressing Monday. Lot of things are going south. Car is dying. Hub is gone. Again. Might not make it to RWA. And daycare might no longer be an option for the boy child. *sigh*

Ah well, what can you do, right? Just keep trudging along . . . :-)

But cover flats should be coming soon, so that'll balance out some of my day. That, and I got some Haagan Dazs Dulce de Leche ice cream!!! *cue angelic choir*

That is all.


Jacqueline C. said...

Mondays are the worst aren't they? It's always hard for me to enjoy them. Were you/are you going to be signing at RWA?

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

I feel for you. I had one of those Mondays yesterday too. :( What's up with that, huh? Mondays should be magical, not meh...

Let's hope Tuesday is terrific!

K. said...

Thanks for commiserating with me, guys!

Jacqueline -- I'm all slated to go to RWA, but am struggling with going knowing I need a new car and stuff like that. It's kind of a case of doing the right thing, and doing what I want (which is to go!).

Mondays should be magical -- I like that, Yolanda! So who do we talk to to get it changed? :-)

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

I'm not sure, Kelly. But I would definitely love to send them a letter about it. ;)