Friday, June 19, 2009

Played hooky & organizing ideas

Yesterday, I played hooky. Well, sort of. I wrote until lunchtime, then took the rest of the day off to spend with my daughter. We went to B&N, and then On The Border to eat.

I bought a new, very substantial journal in hopes that I can start keeping all my random notes (ideas, character names, titles, interesting words, etc..) in one place versus the four or five spiral notebooks I have lying around the house. It's chaos the way it is now. I'll suddenly think of an awesome last name, pick the closest notebook I can find and jot it down. Two months later, when I'm looking to name a character, I'll remember writing down a really cool name, and then have to flip through all the notebooks to find it. I do this endlessly. It's getting old. So, journal, you shall be the center of my Idea Universe.

Let's just hope I can stick to the organization plan. Not that I have trouble being organized. Heh.


Jax Cassidy said...

I see a Jax in your list! LOL

I know you'll do it. You're more organized than me...

PS. I mentioned you in my blog...

Unknown said...

I do the multiple notebooks idea too, but it's a combo of sketch books, assorted backs of envelopes, a chalkboard, and all mixed up with my art ideas too. Complete chaos! Glad I'm not the only one. ;) Trying to now at least use the same one so "the stream" is chronological.

K. said...

Gah. I saw that mention! THANK YOU!! I'm so far behind in everything... *sigh*

LOL, Sue. I think no matter how hard we try, the chaos is here to stay in some way or another. :D

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