Thursday, June 18, 2009

Publishing Timeline - a look at the past year

So I got that chapter done! As promised, here's a peek into the publishing timeline for The Better Part of Darkness. I've decided to go back 13 months instead of 12, starting with the submission process, through the sale, and down to this week. Obviously, not every book follows this timeline. Chris Howard has a cool publishing timeline on his blog. And Rachel Vincent has a great After the Sale Timeline as well. ;-) But here's a look into mine:


May 15 - 30 My agent began the submission process, starting with three of our top choices. Editor from Pocket was first to respond, expressing interest. Wanted another editor to read. Book was then pitched at editorial meeting. According to agent, two more editors were now reading.

June 10 - My eventual editor (Ed Schlesinger) wants to make an offer.

June 13 - Pocket makes a two book deal. Agent calls. I, of course, accept!

June 19 - I get my first 'hello' email from my new editor.

Mid July - FinePrint receives my contract. Must be reviewed, changes requested and then returned to Pocket.

Oct 24 - First actual phone call from Ed. We'd been communicating mostly via email and realized we'd never actually spoke! Great conversation.

Late Oct. - Contract, after having been at Pocket, is once again sent to Fine Print for another read-through.

Mid Nov. - Contract arrives at my doorstep along with tax forms. Let it sink in for a few days and then mailed back.

Mid Dec. - First advance payment arrives at Fine Print.

Dec 18th - received hard copy line edit of the book, along with gifts -- the latest urban fantasies published by Pocket! Read through edits. Didn't have heart failure. All looked doable.

Dec 21 - Had awesome phone call with Ed, just going over the line edits and revision ideas for the book.


Early Jan - My check arrives! (Actually, it came sooner, but there was a small error that needed to be fixed and FinePrint rocked it out with no problems).

Jan 26 - completed revisions on the book! Turned them in with much anxiety.

Same week - Time to come up with author bio, pic, and acknowledgements.

Mar 9 - Hear that revisions looked good, just some small notes to attend to, which I do and then send back. Also, am told firm release date for the book, Nov 24, 2009. Yay! See first draft of cover as well.

Mar 18 - see first draft of the cover copy (the blurb on the back of the book, the front cover tagline, and the small excerpt piece that goes in the very beginning of the book). Made a few minor edits and sent back.

Mar 25 - receive the production schedule of the book, which consists of copy edit and galley dates and printing schedule.

Apr 17 - Copy edits arrive, and must be returned the first week of May.

Apr 20 - see revised cover. Looking awesome.

May 21 - get permission to reveal cover. Not final cover, but close to it.

And this week I should receive the first pass galleys of the book, which I'll read through for typos and any last minute errors and such and then send back to Pocket. Looking forward to getting these! And, I'll make sure to post about it, too . . .


Jax Cassidy said...

Thanks for breaking down the timeline schedule. I don't think most people realize how much time it takes from acceptance to print. I'm so excited for the release!

Anonymous said...

What she said. Thanks, and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

This is very cool -- and it must've taken a while to put it all together! Thanks.

Would you say this was a typical timeline? Seems pretty speedy, but then again, it probably felt slow to you.

K. said...

Yeah, I know, Jax. A lot of my family was shocked that it took so long from sale to release.

Hi Tomaq! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :-)

Hey there, Mike! (And happy belated birthday to you, btw). It feels slow in some respects, in others I'm amazed that the year has gone by so quickly! I'd say this is fairly typical. My schedule is 18 months from sale to release, but a lot of my author friends are on a 12 month schedule.