Friday, June 26, 2009

Random Friday & Bookish stats

First, I am lax in saying THANK YOU to my friend Jax, for the blog love. :-)

Second, Diana Rowland's new book, Mark of the Demon came out this week. It's gotten some great reviews, so I'm eagerly awaiting my copy!

Galleys are done. So it's back to work on Book 2. Rough draft is basically complete. I have to fill in a missing chapter or two near the end and then start revising, polishing, and filling in some research details. Really excited about this book!

Each book I write, I can see myself improving as a writer. My rough drafts are getting smoother and my pacing now seems to fall into place without too much effort. Here are some stats:

1) Book 2 is the 9th novel I've written.

2) As of this year I've written two novels: Book 2 and Le Super Secret YA.

What I need to do, and would like to do in the remainder of 2009:

1) Turn in Book 2 in Charlie Madigan series.

2) Write YA sequel.

3) Write a 3rd book in Charlie Madigan's world.

4) Revise my Turn-of-the-Century YA fantasy proposal (1st 3 chapters and synopsi of two more books already done) into a middle grade novel.


Unknown said...

When you sell the movie rights to Hollyweird can I write the screenplay? ;-)

Keep Writing!

K. said...

LOL. *sigh* Dare to dream... Think I'd fall down comatose if Hollyweird ever came calling. :D

Jax Cassidy said...

Wow, you're a busy bee. :) I have no worries about you getting your goals done. I can say it's been difficult in keeping the momentum up but I will most definitely pick up my speed as soon as I can.