Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Story on The Brain

Ever hear of it? I have it bad. Posting on Twitter today made me realize how far gone I am. Seriously. My version of Story on The Brain is when you can function quite normally in real life, take care of business, kids, what have you, but the 'story' is always there, never far from your mind, just waiting to take over the minute the mind starts to wander.

The mind wanders mightily while multi-tasking. Case and point:

Exhibit A) Whilst checking iPod battery and preparing to make toast. Mind wanders to scene in book and wonders 'will that fight scene really work?'... Result: Losing iPod and finding it a day later inside of the toaster. (Bread is still missing).

Exhibit B) Cleaning off table for dinner, throwing away trash and removing a few folded pieces of laundry. Mind wanders to book and wonders 'is the feel right, is it dark enough, does it translate to the reader...' Result: Clean clothes thrown in trash and found later.

Yeah. I have it bad. There's more. Lots more, but I think I'll leave it at that. Can't decide if Story on the Brain is a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe bad for household items, but damned if the story isn't gonna shine!

Surely I am not the only one afflicted with this malady . . .


Ronald L. Smith said...

Yes, that is totally familiar. Sometimes I don't understand how my wife can take it:

WIFE: "I had a terrible day at work, coworkers got fired, the hours are too long, boss is stressing me out.."

ME: "Oh. Hmpf. Do you think my faeries should be tall, regal beings or short ones with wings?"

Martin said...

There must be guardian angels for writers to keep from ending up on the Darwin List every year.

I'm constantly finding myself in the garage with no idea why I went out there, or talking like my protag on the drive to work only to realize I'm four off-ramps passed my exit. I think the worst was when I got off a flight, forgot my luggage and just wandered out to the taxi stand. Ever try to explain you're not a terrorist but just a writer who wants his dirty underwear back? ;)

K. said...

Prince B - LOL. I have similar conversations with the hub! Hysterical!

Martin - I sympathize. There are many a day when I'm driving home, lost in thought, and drive right by my neighborhood. :-)

Unknown said...

Umm, not story on the brain, but horse on the brain...folding laundry, realize there's a leg wrap in there, remember it's from breeding a mare (used it as a tail wrap), I start thinking of the full sister that is already on the ground, wondering why she won't keep her hip to the inside to the left, and the things I've already done to fix it and what I'll do tomorrow to keep fixing it...hours later I find folded laundry in random spot NOT put away.