Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thinking ahead in a series

So as you all know, I'm currently rewriting Book 2, which has to be turned in in August. But yesterday something really cool happened. And this is one of those things I love about writing and world building. The whole story arc just fell into place.

Okay, I should back up and say that, yeah, obviously I had some idea of the entire series arc, otherwise Book 1 would not be set up in the way that it is. But there were a lot of paths I could have taken with Charlie to get to the ultimate series goal. That was the gray area. That was the hard part b/c there are so many possibilities there.

I don't want to have the entire thing planned out to a tee, because that would be a little stifling for me, but I kept feeling like I needed to know where certain things were headed. And now I know. And guess who, of all people, got me there?

The hub.

We actually brainstormed together for the first time. I was having trouble with the backstory in Book 2 -- the villain's motivation. I wanted it to be rock solid, something that would carry over and drive some of the next book, and I felt that it wasn't quite there yet. And there I was just running away at the mouth and all of a sudden, he said something, something I didn't understand. Then, he explained. I caught on, changed it up a bit and then it hit me. That missing piece -- not the missing piece I spoke about in Book 2 earlier -- but the missing piece of the overall series puzzle. I know what's going to happen to Charlie beyond Book 2. And I had THEE COOLEST epiphany for a companion novel for two characters we will see in Book 2 (just a glimpse really, but OH MY GOD). They could actually have a few books to get to where they're going . . . hee, hee. But that's one of those things you keep locked up for the future. . .

Anyway, I'm settled now. I like the feeling of knowing the bones of Charlie's future, but not knowing too much b/c I also like being surprised along the way. But it sure is a relief to know there's a solid road map and an end game for her.

Of course, all this is immediately followed by an 'Oh Crap, now I have to write it all down in a legible, entertaining, hopeful exhilarating way. Oy.


Jacqueline C. said...
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Jacqueline C. said...

That's so cool that you have someone to brainstorm with! A lot of people can't say the same. Btw, I'm so looking forward to your books!

LeeAnn Flowers said...

I love it. I brainstorm with my husband all the time. My newest book is actually a rewrite of one that I shopped for more than a year. He's thrown out some comment or other about the main character and it's just clicked. It's a great feeling.

Ashley N said...

Awesome! That sounds like an awesome feeling. I can only hope that one day such an epiphany finds me. Congrats!

K. said...

Thanks, Jacqueline! :-)

LeeAnn - great to 'see'! I think I might have to utilize the Hub more in this way. Glad to see you've got a good brainstorming relationship with yours. Good luck on the new book/rewrite.

Oh, Ashley, those epiphanies are gold. :D Gold I tell you. They don't happen to me very often, but very cool when they do! Yours is coming, my friend. ;-)