Thursday, August 13, 2009

On tap

Lots of books, that's what's on tap for me. It's great, too, because I am woefully behind on my reading and now that B2 is turned in, I can read guilt free. Yesterday, I read two Janet Chapman novels, which is easy to do because they're like chocolate. I can usually read a book a day, but I really must've been starving. :-)

Also reading my CP's latest and greatest new manuscript.

And then on tap will be Vicki Pettersson's latest, Lili Saintcrow's latest, and Chris Evans' latest... Gotta catch up on my series reading!

And, yes, still writing. Got to stay in the habit. So I'm working on plotting the new Charlie book, and the next YA.

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Rebecca said...

Know what's on tap for me? Hangin' out with Kami and Brent. And I'm tellin' you what, I'm reading this book all sneaky like because I've cheated your contest... your sister's like a back up plan. ;) hehehehe.